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Get the Graphics You Want

Offering full graphic and printing services to help you capture all your favorite memories, materialize custom designs, and create long-lasting finishes.

Photo Printing - Spectra Industries
Graphic Prints

Why Spectra?

We offer services from custom designs to full adhesive printing to animation services and everything in between. When your company is in need of any graphic or printing services you know who to call.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Our project called for an update of our photos in our main office.  We wanted something modern and crisp that showcased the diversity and uniqueness of our high school. David and his team at Spectra Industries knocked it out of the park by printing out high quality, frameless colored prints on aluminum that were mounted slightly away from the wall.  Our reception area is now welcoming to our visitors with a wide array of images to view that highlight what makes our school a special place to be.

Spectra Industries knocked it out of the park...

- Aaron R.

Communications Manager @ Crespi Carmelite High School

Featured Products

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We make sure that our prints provide any photo or design with vibrancy and high resolution finish.


Using only the best materials, we ensure that your print is the highest quality in look and feel.

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We stick to the fundamentals using only the top notch printing tools to achieve stunning products.

Image by Annie Spratt

Find the right printing service for you

Please feel free to reach out and call us directly so we can explore the wide range of printing options together!

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